Wishing You A New Year With No IT Surprises

It’s time to usher in another new year, and to look back on 2016 and assess the pluses and minuses. At Aptica, we evaluate our service to our clients based on how well we were able to prepare and [...]

Learn Everything You Can About Cyber Security

And I say this because you could be next. Really. It’s all over the news right now, with allegations of Russians hacking the recent election and Yahoo discovering its epic invasion. At Aptica [...]

Virtual Chief Information Officer: An Executive Service That Is Part Of The IT Management Package

When you need on-site service for your business network, is that technician the guy who should offer you budget advice? Who do you ask when you need to know how long that new hardware should [...]

Childhood Lessons Apply In Grownup Planning

Measure twice, cut once. A penny saved is a penny earned. Be prepared. Seems like the older I get, the better I understand these cautions that my dad tried to teach me as a kid, and the stakes [...]

Ransomware Will Touch Everyone Somehow

We can’t stick our heads in the sand here in our region and think that ransomware only happens in big cities somewhere else. All of the security experts I follow agree that ransomware exploits [...]

Join the Aptica Team

Aptica LLC is growing and we are looking for someone amazing to join our team. It’s just the nature of the work that you have to be highly motivated, have high interpersonal skills, and be an [...]

Just A Few Words About Technology “Risk”

I’ve talked a lot about reducing noise and reducing risk. I’ve defined “noise” so that you can know it when you hear it start to rise. And certainly anyone who is in business went into it knowing [...]

Has All Your Time And Money Spent On IT Issues Stopped The Problems?

One of the common reports I get after a client has outsourced their IT to Aptica is this: “I never realized how much time and money we were spending on our computer problems, yet the problems [...]

Stop the Pain, Noise and Risk with Technology!

True irony: I am, myself, in a position similar to my clients. My IT management business is growing, I need to make changes, I don’t know how to make those changes, but I can’t progress until [...]