Expert Support

The Aptica Difference

We are different from other support options, although it’s true that we all started out the same. Back in the day, IT support meant just waiting for the phone to ring with the crisis of the day. When the call came, the support person would race over to the work site in trouble, ask a couple of questions, then get busy trying to trace through the network to see what had happened. But we have learned a better way, starting with knowing so much about your hardware and your network that we can predict and prevent certain failures.

Aptica's Plan

We have a plan. When you hire Aptica, our first assignment is to learn what you already have in place. We learn all about your hardware, facts like age, daily use, place in the network. We study your network, and check cables, hookups, work station positions, and we want to ask you about possible future expansion. We factor in your mobile users, asking for all outside devices that are allowed into the network, usage patterns, and past problems and how those were solved. Understanding your business comes before making any IT changes.

Come to Aptica and Stay

Aptica will become a mainstay for your business just like electricity and consistent internet. You enter your office and the lights come on and all the computers boot up and work as they should, day in and day out. If there appears there is a problem in a work station, you call your support team and report it. We will most likely know why something seems to be failing, and it has probably already been presented to you in a budget meeting, with Aptica acting as your Virtual Chief Information Officer.

Complete Transparency

We are transparent. We can and will answer any and all of your questions about your network and about our service. We don’t like computer surprises and we’re pretty sure you don’t either. Before we bring you on board, we talk to you. When something goes wrong, we talk to you about it. We explain things in everyday language, and we don’t come in with an attitude. You don’t have to be a computer expert—that’s our job. But you can expect us to explain what we found in this important and complex business tool that you have to have up and running.

We support your success; we don’t just fix your computers. We do this by learning your equipment, your network and your business goals, then we advise you on how to budget for your IT needs. We have your back: we shoulder your company data security. We stay on top of current network threats and defenses. We monitor your network 24/7. We keep an eye on your mobile activity. If you need us to, we can do some internal detective work in regards to computer usage. We don’t just wait until a crisis. We step up when you sign up.

Aptica provides focused technical consulting with quality evaluations and recommendations. Our services include:

  • Installations
  • Monitoring
  • Hardware/Software Solutions
  • Usage Policy/Best practices
  • Network Infrastructure Design
  • Complete Policy Management
  • Active Directory Configuration
  • Security Analysis and much more.

At Aptica LLC, we don’t want you to ever worry about whether or not your computers will work. We don’t want you to lose a penny of profit because your network is down. When we partner with you, you get:

  • Server stability and performance
  • Backup monitoring
  • Anti-Virus monitoring
  • Incident detection

Ongoing preventive maintenance of Servers and Desktops.

Automated patching: Microsoft, Office, Adobe, Firefox, Chrome, etc.

End-point Security that includes anti-virus, spyware, web/content filtering, and email spam prevention.

Backup & Disaster Recovery for servers.

Configuring email accounts on mobile devices and mobile management.

Internal and external DNS management.

Data scrub of old hard drives before recycling.


At Aptica, our goal is your satisfaction. If the Aptica approach is not working for you within 60 days, let us know. All service fees will be refunded.