Your computers are slow to load. You are falling behind in production. This is “Noise”, and it’s usually not good. We have the tools to help.

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Safeguard your company success secrets. Protect your clients’ personal information. “Risk” is every minute you are in business these days.

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Let experts deal with your Noise and your Risk, and know the costs ahead based on what your budget will allow. It’s good to have a Plan.

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Managed IT Support

Servicing Fort Wayne, Battle Creek, Angola & South Bend

If your business relies on computers, you will need IT support. You will need Aptica. Technology continues to change rapidly, and although hardware is engineered better these days, software is so much more complex and sophisticated. Security is paramount in any day-to- day business operation where you have critical company data you need to keep private. A somewhat recent but subtle change is that it’s probably no longer cost effective to keep a full time IT support person on staff for paying salary, benefits and continuing education. If you choose to outsource your IT to Aptica we will know your system so well that we can anticipate the next crisis, plan ahead how to manage it when it happens, and advise you how to budget so there is no shocking expense at that time. While we are still the “fix it” guys, we are also the “see it coming” guys.

If you know it’s time to outsource your IT support but you’re not sure what that involves, please give us a call. We can explain.

Managed IT Service

This means we manage your computers and your network for you. We monitor 24/7. We know your system so we know what to expect, and we know you and what you expect. You get more reliable performance and more predictable expenses, and this lets you focus on growing your business.

IT Consulting

What do you have? What do you need? What could go wrong? How much will it cost? These are your key questions for managed IT and we have answers. We partner with you to make technology an asset for your business and not a liability.

Cloud Solutions

Using Cloud technology can streamline your business processes, especially if you have multiple sites and/or your business crosses multiple time zones and runs 24 hours a day. Working with the Cloud is an easily learned skill and can prevent time stalls when working in multi-step functions, including activity from mobile devices.

Data Backup & Recovery

Be sure your data is backed up and that you could recover it in case of a natural disaster like flood, fire or tornado. Sometimes it’s the little oversights that can cost you big bucks if you are not certain your data is being stored safely. Reliable data storage is one of the first steps taken in managed IT security.

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